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Considering selling a house in its current ‘As Is’ condition?

If your house is aged or requires repairs, but you prefer not to invest in renovations before selling, opting to sell your house in its current condition may be the ideal choice for you. Selling ‘As Is’ provides a straightforward approach to selling your home, offering convenience and ease. Moreover, this selling method safeguards you from assuming responsibility for any deficiencies in the property after the sale. Many individuals inquire about the process of selling a house ‘As Is’ and its associated aspects. To address these common queries, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions to guide you through the process of selling ‘As Is’.

What does selling a house “As Is” actually mean?

Selling your house ‘As Is’ implies that you are presenting the property in its present state, without intending to perform any repairs prior to the sale or providing financial allowances to cover such repairs. By selling ‘As Is,’ you relinquish any warranties regarding the property’s condition, and the buyer has no legal grounds to pursue legal action against you in the event of unexpected issues. Essentially, when you opt for an ‘As Is’ sale, any concerns or complications regarding the property become the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Is it Possible to Sell My House in Any Condition?

Selling a house in virtually any condition is indeed possible. Whether it has fire damage, active termite infestation, foundation issues, excessive clutter, water damage, long-term vacancy since past events like Katrina and Ida, a leaking or missing roof, or any other problem you can think of, we have likely purchased properties with similar conditions in ‘As Is’ condition. Even in the worst-case scenario where the house needs to be demolished, there is still inherent value in the land itself. Therefore, it is precisely for this reason that you can sell any house, without exception, in its current ‘As Is’ condition.

What is the Process for Selling Your House in ‘As Is’ Condition?

Typically, selling a house ‘As Is’ entails finding a cash buyer as opposed to someone relying on bank financing. Buyers seeking bank loans may encounter difficulties due to the rigorous inspection requirements imposed by lenders. Homeowners, unless they possess contracting or handyman skills, are usually not the target buyers for properties sold in ‘As Is’ condition. Conversely, investors are more inclined to purchase houses in ‘As Is’ condition, as they are undeterred by necessary repairs and often view them as opportunities. Investors can acquire your property ‘As Is,’ invest time and money into it, and subsequently sell it at a profit to a homeowner.

Is it Possible to Sell a House Damaged by a Hurricane in its Current Condition?

Yes, it is indeed possible to sell a home with hurricane damage in its current ‘As Is’ condition. Depending on the severity of the damage, traditional banks may be hesitant to provide financing to potential buyers. However, you can still sell the house to a cash buyer, such as Jeremiah Buys, without the need for repairs. In Louisiana, where hurricanes are unfortunately a part of life, we are accustomed to dealing with such properties. Many homeowners receive insurance payouts for the damages but prefer not to invest in rehabilitating the house. In these situations, Jeremiah Buys offers cash purchases for hurricane-damaged properties in ‘As Is’ condition, allowing sellers to combine the cash offer with their insurance funds to start anew. Whether you lack insurance coverage and aim to maximize the value of your damaged property for a fresh start or simply desire a quick and hassle-free sale, Jeremiah Buys is pleased to provide you with the best cash offer for your hurricane-damaged home. Subsequently, we will restore the house to its former glory for a new homeowner or tenant.

Can a Flood-Damaged Property be Sold ‘As Is’?

Selling a house with flood damage in ‘As Is’ condition is indeed possible. In Louisiana, we understand the impact of floods, as they have unfortunately become a part of life here. If your house has suffered flood damage, you can still sell it in its current condition to a cash home buyer. We possess expertise in restoring flood-damaged properties, allowing you to sell your flood-damaged property to us and move forward to another property. Many homeowners receive flood insurance payouts but choose not to rebuild, opting instead to combine the insurance payout with the sale to us, enabling them to start anew in a new home.

Can a House Contaminated with Mold be Sold?

Mold, especially black mold, can significantly deter potential house buyers, making it challenging to sell a house with mold issues to individual homeowners, especially those relying on bank financing and adhering to strict inspection requirements. However, you can still sell a house with mold by offering it in ‘As Is’ condition to a cash buyer. Typically, this buyer would be an investor who possesses the resources to remediate the mold and perform any necessary repairs, either to resell the property to a new homeowner or prepare it for rental purposes. As experienced mold specialists, we are familiar with handling such situations, providing you with the opportunity to sell your house with mold to us in its current ‘As Is’ condition.

Can a House with Foundation Issues be Sold in ‘As Is’ Condition?

Selling a house with foundation issues can present challenges, especially when targeting individual homeowners as buyers. Many potential buyers tend to be deterred by the presence of foundation problems. Unfortunately, foundation issues are quite common in New Orleans. If feasible, it is advisable to consider engaging a foundation company to address and repair the foundation before selling your house. However, if you lack the time, resources, or inclination to undertake such repairs, an alternative option is to sell the house ‘As Is’ to an investor like us. We specialize in dealing with foundation issues and are not deterred by them. In fact, it provides us with an opportunity to leverage our expertise and enhance the value of the property. While a conventional bank loan may pose challenges for houses with foundation issues, our cash-based transactions allow for a quick and straightforward closing process, bypassing the need for bank approvals.

Is it Permitted to Leave Items in the House When Selling it ‘As Is’?

When selling your house ‘As Is,’ it is possible to leave your furniture and unwanted belongings behind. We understand that thoroughly cleaning a house, especially after residing in it for an extended period, can be challenging. The advantage of selling ‘As Is’ is that you can choose to take what you want and leave the remaining items behind. There is no obligation to tidy up the house, and you can even leave your unwanted items and trash behind. As part of our renovation process, we strive to donate usable items to charity and dispose of the rest in a dumpster. While we, as house buyers in ‘As Is’ condition, allow sellers to leave their belongings behind, it’s important to clarify this aspect when dealing with other ‘As Is’ house buyers.

Is it possible to sell a house that has code violations?

Selling a house with building code violations is indeed possible. Even if your property has code enforcement liens imposed by the city, you can still proceed with an ‘As Is’ sale. The buyer will be responsible for addressing the code violations upon purchase to prevent any additional fines from code enforcement. We frequently purchase houses ‘As Is’ with code violations, and our team of experienced title attorneys can facilitate the removal of these liens during the sales process. If you have code violations and wish to sell your house, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Is it Possible to Sell a House ‘As Is’ without an Inspection?

Selling a house in its current “As Is” condition without an inspection can present challenges. While it is not impossible, the buyer would likely have to assume the most pessimistic outlook for every aspect of the property, which may lead to undervaluation. However, when selling to an experienced cash buyer, they would still perform a property inspection, although it would typically be a quick walk-through lasting around 10 minutes. Unlike inspections conducted by banks, they would not expect you to carry out any repairs. Their main focus is to assess the necessary work and ensure that their offer reflects the required investments.

Should I opt to sell a house in its current state or improve it before putting it on the market?

Deciding whether to sell a house “As Is” or invest in renovations is a personal choice without a definitive answer. If you choose to improve the house to a modern, move-in-ready condition that meets bank financing requirements, you will likely fetch a higher sale price. If you have the resources, time, and inclination for this endeavor, it could be a worthwhile pursuit. However, if you lack the necessary time, finances, or simply prefer to avoid the challenges and complications of renovations, selling “As Is” to a cash house buyer may be the best option. For some individuals, the convenience of selling the house quickly and effortlessly, without lifting a finger, outweighs the potential additional profit from renovating the property.

If you’re interested in selling your house without making extensive repairs, selling it “As Is” could be a suitable choice. Jeremiah Buys specializes in purchasing houses in their current condition, offering cash, and providing you with a no-obligation cash offer for your home. As evident from the frequently asked questions, there are numerous reasons why selling your house in “As Is” condition might be the right decision for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and determine if selling your house “As Is” is the optimal choice for you.

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